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Arizona Should End Death Penalty

AR-NVeditorial Arizona Republic

July 28, 2002

Arizona should end death penalty
Old arguments for execution won't stand up against evidence of mistakes


The constitutional defect the U.S. Supreme Court found in Arizona's death penalty last month is easily fixed.

Currently, judges decide whether there are aggravating circumstances that warrant, weighed against mitigating factors, death rather than life in prison.

Arizona law spells out the aggravating circumstances to be considered,

Supreme Court Intervenes in Death Penalty Cases

Supreme Court Intervenes in Death Penalty Cases

Editorial, Miami Herald, editorial
Feb. 7, 2002

On the weighty question of whether an execution passes constitutional muster, both advocates and foes of the death penalty are in rare agreement: Let the courts decide.

Thus Gov. Jeb Bush halted today's scheduled execution of Robert Trease shortly after the U.S. Supreme Court stopped the execution of another Florida inmate, Linroy Bottoson.

Both the Supreme Court and the governor made the right call. Gov. Bush, a strong supporter of capital punishment, said he made

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