Life Without Parole

Mentally Ill Woman Dies After 20 Years on Nevada's Death Row

Priscilla Joyce Ford, who suffered from a variety of mental illnesses and who was the lone woman on Nevada's death row for more than twenty years, died of apparent complications from emphysema on January 29, 2005. A prison spokesman said, "She had been quiet for so long. No one ever had any problems with her (in prison). I don't remember hearing about her violating any rules." Ford was sentenced to death row after she was convicted of killing 6 people and injuring 23 others by driving her car down a crowded Reno sidewalk on Thanksgiving Day 1980.

New Voices: Key New York Legislator Doubts Need For Death Penalty

New York Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver voiced serious doubts about the necessity for capital punishment in light of its high cost and the alternative sentencing option of life without parole. Silver, who supported the death penalty in the past, said: "I have some doubt whether we need a death penalty.... We are spending tens of millions of dollars [that] may be better spent on educating children." He also remarked that the life-without-parole statute the state now has in place ensures that those convicted of murder can't go free.

Op Ed, Newsday: Avoid Death Sentences: Give Cop Killers Life Without Parole

September 21, 2004:     Newsday


Give cop killers life without parole

The recent slaying of two detectives does not warrant restoration of capital punishment in New York State

Op-Ed By Kathy Dillon  [Kathy Dillon, a former social worker from Syracuse, is a member of New Yorkers Against the Death Penalty.]

   The recent tragic murder of two police detectives in Brooklyn left many people reeling, including me. When I was 14 years

DPIC Summary: "The Meaning of 'Life': Long Prison Sentences in Context"

A report released in May, 2004 by The Sentencing Project, “The Meaning of ‘Life’: Long Prison Sentences in Context,” documents a dramatic increase in the number of prisoners serving life without parole sentences and demonstrates that prisoners are serving increasingly longer terms of incarceration. Findings in the report include the following:

Life Without Parole

Life Without Parole

Life Without Parole The News and Observer
(Raleigh, NC)

December 4, 2000

Life Without Parole


Regarding Charles L. Davenport's Nov. 24 Op-ed article "Moratorium zeal tortures the truth": Few people dispute Davenport's statement that "the state has a constitutional and moral obligation to protect its citizens." However, many people dispute the right of the state to protect its citizens through using the death penalty.