NEW RESOURCES: DPIC Offers Podcasts on Costs, Clemency, and Arbitrariness

If you would like to listen to a brief but informative discussion of key death penalty issues, try DPIC’s newest resource--Podcasts.  The most recent episode of this educational series explores the issue of the Costs of the death penalty.  You can also choose to listen to previous episodes to learn more about the issues of Arbitrariness and Clemency.  Podcasts may be downloaded for listening later on a digital music player.  More issues will be covered in the near future.  To subscribe to the Podcast through iTunes and automatically receive future episodes, click here.  To see other multimedia resources from DPIC, go to our Multimedia page. See also DPIC's pages on Arbritrariness, Clemency, and Costs.

MULTIMEDIA: Troy Davis Case Continues to Garner Widespread Attention

Georgia death row inmate Troy Davis was scheduled to be executed numerous times in 2008, but each date was stayed.  His case is currently under review by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit.  International interest has continued to mount because of concerns about his possible innocence.   Most recently, Amnesty International has assisted in preparing a multimedia presentation about his case with the music group "State Radio."  The video may be viewed here.  Davis’ case has garnered support from many quarters, including former President Jimmy Carter and the European Union. Davis' original conviction was based primarily on eyewitness testimony. Since the 1991 trial, 7 of the 9 non-police eyewitnesses have recanted their testimony, with some pointing to another suspect.

NEW RESOURCES: BBC Documentary Examines US Capital Punishment System Through the Lethal Injection Issue

The BBC documentary "Lethal Solution" chronicles reporter Vivian White’s exploration of the death penalty in the US through the prism of the lethal injection issue. White traveled across the US to execution chambers where lethal injection executions are carried out and interviewed participants from a wide variety of perspectives.

NEW RESOURCES: Live Radio Show Covers Issues in Texas Executions

A new radio program, Execution Watch, is providing live coverage and commentary on days that Texas executes a death row inmate. Each show will air live starting at 6 pm Central Daylight Time at or with a wide variety of special guests and host Ray Hill. The programming is available through the Internet.  On its upcoming broadcast, the show will cover issues related to the case of Jeffrey Wood,

"At the Death House Door" Film Debuts

The highly acclaimed film At the Death House Door premieres on the Independent Film Channel on May 29, 2008. This documentary provides a unique perspective into the people who participate in executions in Huntsville, Texas. Viewers experience what it means to work on death row through the eyes of Pastor Carroll Pickett, who served 15 years as the death house chaplain and presided over 95 executions (including the world’s first lethal injection).

NOW PLAYING IN NY: “The Two Lives of Napoleon Beazley,” a Play by John Fleming

“The Two Lives of Napoleon Beazley” is a new play by John Fleming that explores the true story of a 17-year-old African-American defendant who was sentenced to death for a carjacking and murder in Texas. The victim was the father of a federal judge. Using a variety of factual resources, including court transcripts and media accounts, the play examines race and the criminal justice system before the Supreme Court ruled in 2005 that the death penalty for juveniles violates the Constitution. Beazley was one of the last juvenile offenders executed in the U.S.

The Austin Chronicle writes that “The Two Lives of Napoleon Beazley” is:

The most important play to see in Texas right now.... Voicing all the opposing viewpoints on the issues of racism, judicial nepotism, ageism, and capital punishment, [this play] presents the story dramatically with heartbreaking scenes that are not at all contrived or insincere. Fleming’s well-knit play unfolds effortlessly before us, evoking pathos for injustice.

VICTIMS: NPR Features Story of a Father Who Forgave His Daughter’s Murderer

National Public Radio (NPR) recently featured a segment in its StoryCorps series in which a father describes how he came to forgive the man who murdered his daughter. Patricia Nuckles was murdered by Ivan Simpson in 2001 when she caught him robbing her home. Though devastated by his daughter’s murder, Hector Black wanted to learn more about his daughter’s killer.

NEW RESOURCES: Austrian Cultural Forum in New York Explores Death Penalty Through Art

“Under Pain of Death,” a new exhibition at the Austrian Cultural Forum in New York City, explores the death penalty through various forms of art, focusing particularly on the human emotions involved.  Beginning January 21, 2008, the exhibition offers art installations, film screenings, and lectures on a variety of aspects of the death penalty.

The Austrian Cultural Forum New York is located at:
11 E. 52nd Street
New York, NY 10022.