Expansion Bills in 2007

Expansion bills in 2007:

States that considered Legislation to Expand the Death Penalty (partial list of more prominent bills)
State Description Interim Progess Final Determination
Georgia would eliminate provision that requires a unanimous jury to impose a death sentence bill defeated in Senate Judiciary Committee defeated
Missouri would make death penalty mandatory for those who murder law enforcement officers bill modified to allow consideration of mitigating factors mandatory law defeated
Texas would add death penalty for repeat sex-offenders whose victims are children numerous amendments applied signed by governor on July 16, 2007
Utah would add death penalty for twice-convicted sex offenders and anyone who murders a child younger than 14 bill making murder of a child under 14 a death eligible offense signed into law original bill defeated
Virginia would add death penalty for accomplices to murder passed legislature; on Mar. 26, Gov. Kaine vetoed 5 death penalty expansion bills. accomplices bill vetoed and not overridden; bills specifically making murder of a witness or a judge a capital offense had been vetoed, but these vetoes were overriden (April 4, 2007)