Executions by Year

Last updated June 9, 2017 following an execution in Alabama.
 Total since 1976 (including 2017):  1455

"Death Row USA"

A quarterly report by the Capital Punishment Project
of the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc.
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The October 1, 2016 report includes the following statistics:


Crimes Punishable by the Death Penalty

Summary of States' Death Penalty Statutes - From Bureau of Justice Statistics

Death Penalty for Offenses Other Than Murder - State and Federal Laws that allow Capital Punishment when no death has occurred

DPIC's Page on Kennedy v. Louisiana - Striking down the death penalty for non-homicide offenses against individuals

Bibliography of Recent Articles and Programs on the Death Penalty

Bibliography of Recent Articles and Programs on the DP
Dialogue on the Death Penalty Project

Compiled by Professor James Liebman, Columbia University School of Law
(see also, Recent Articles on the Death Penalty - with text available on DPIC's Web site)

(alphabetical by author)


ACTUAL INNOCENCE: Five Days to Execution and Other Dispatches From the Wrongfully Convicted

Actual Innocence - DPIC Summary

Barry Scheck, Peter Neufeld, Jim Dwyer
Doubleday, 2000

A Summary of Actual Innocence
by the Death Penalty Information Center

The Innocence Project was created in 1992 when Barry Scheck and Peter Neufeld used new DNA testing techniques to prove that an alleged rapist had been wrongly convicted. Following this case Scheck and Neufeld received hundreds of letters from prisoners throughout the United


State Statutes Prohibiting the Death Penalty for People with Mental Retardation

NOTE: The statutes listed in this chart were all passed prior to the United States Supreme Court Ruling in Atkins v. Virginia. For a listing of statutes passed following the ruling in order to comply with said ruling, Click Here.

Defendants with Mental Retardation Executed in the United States

Executions of those with Mental Retardation Name State Race I.Q. Execution Date 1. Arthur F. Goode, III FL W 60-63 04/05/84 2. Ivon Ray Stanley GA B 62 07/12/84 3. James Dupree Henry FL B low 70s 09/20/84 4. Morris Odell Mason VA B 62-66 06/25/85 5. James Terry Roach SC W 69-70 01/10/86 6. Jerome Bowden GA B 59-65 06/24/86 7. Willie Celestine LA W (68-81) 77 07/20/87 8. John Brogdon LA W mild MR 07/30/87 9. Horace Dunkins AL B 65-69 07/14/89 10. Alton Waye VA B