Innocence Database

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# - Refers to the chronological order in which the defendants were exonerated.
State - Place of capital conviction
Years Between - The difference between the year of exoneration and the year of capital conviction
Reason - Normally, when a conviction is overturned by an appellate court, the state has the option of re-trying the defendant. If the state does not seek a re-trial, charges are dismissed. If a re-trial occurs and the defendant is found not guilty, the case is listed as an acquittal.
DNA evidence - refers to whether DNA evidence played a major role in exonerating ("yes") the defendant or not ("no").

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13 exoneration(s) match your current filters:

# Name State Race Convicted Exonerated Years Between Reason DNA
21 Annibal Jaramillo FL Latino 1981 1982 1 Charges Dismissed No
32 Juan Ramos FL Latino 1983 1987 4 Acquitted No
49 Federico Macias TX Latino 1984 1993 9 Charges Dismissed No
56 Robert Cruz AZ Latino 1981 1995 14 Acquitted No
57 Rolando Cruz IL Latino 1985 1995 10 Acquitted Yes
58 Alejandro Hernandez IL Latino 1985 1995 10 Charges Dismissed Yes
63 Roberto Miranda NV Latino 1982 1996 14 Charges Dismissed No
68 Ricardo Guerra TX Latino 1982 1997 15 Charges Dismissed No
82 Alfred Rivera NC Latino 1997 1999 2 Charges Dismissed No
87 William Nieves PA Latino 1994 2000 6 Acquitted No
94 Joaquin Martinez FL Latino 1997 2001 4 Acquitted No
97 Juan Melendez FL Latino 1984 2002 18 Charges Dismissed No
161 Gabriel Solache IL Latino 2000 2017 17 Charges Dismissed No