NEW RESOURCES: ACLU Report on International Implications of Capital Punishment in the U.S. A new report by the ACLU's Capital Punishment Project discusses the United States' position on the death penalty in the face of international concerns regarding this practice. The report, How the Death Penalty Weakens U.S. International Interests, notes that many other nations are moving toward abolition of capital punishment and are critical of specific aspects of the death penalty in the U.S. Among the topics featured in this resource are the ongoing international efforts to abolish the death penalty, foreign intervention in U.S. capital cases, international extradition cases involving the death penalty, rulings by the International Court of Justice, and how the death penalty has affected America's war on terror. (ACLU Report: How the Death Penalty Weakens U.S. International Interests, December 2004) Read the report in PDF format. See International Death Penalty and Resources.
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New Study from Texas Defender Service NEW STUDY BY TEXAS DEFENDER SERVICE

Read Deadly Speculation - Misleading Texas Capital Juries with False Predictions of Future Dangerousness (PDF), a new report from the Texas Defender Service about the unreliability of future dangerousness predictions in Texas death penalty cases. Such speculative testimony is the key factor in who receives the death penalty in Texas. Among those predicted to be a future danger was Randall Dale Adams, who was later found innocent and freed from death row.

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