Capital Punishment in Context

Capital Punishment in Context, is a new online college-level curriculum that provides instructors and students with engaging material for developing research and analytical skills. Designed by DPIC in conjunction with experts from the Education Development Center, the curriculum contains two teaching cases, providing a detailed narrative and a series of issues. Instructors benefit from additional resources such as teaching notes and sample syllabi.

Capital Punishment in Context  can be used in a variety of academic disciplines, such as legal studies, literature, writing, statistics, and religion.

Capital Punishment in Context is a free, Internet-based curriculum. This format offers flexibility for instructors who want to use the curriculum to enrich standard course materials or as a stand-alone project within a class. Click here to view or start using Capital Punishment in Context today. For more information, contact Erin Wallace.
DPIC previously partnered with the Michigan State Communications Technology Laboratory to design an award-winning Web-based high school curriculum on the death penalty that is used in classrooms throughout the country and world.