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Ohio Senate Holds Hearing on Lethal Injection Secrecy Bill

On December 4, the Ohio Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing on HB 663, which would shield the identity of those who produce lethal injection drugs for the state. Previously, critics of the bill had warned that the measure could be unconstitutional because it interferes with the courts and violates the First Amendment right to free speech. Among those testifying at the committee hearing was Kevin Smith of the Society of Professional Journalists, who called the bill, "one of the most over-reaching in terms of secrecy we have encountered." Public defenders and the Ohio ACLU also testified against the bill. The Ohio House has already passed the bill. Additional Senate hearings are scheduled for next week.

State Media Coverage of Baze v. Rees

State Media Coverage of
Baze v. Rees
Below are examples of state media coverage of Baze v. Rees regarding the constitutionality of lethal injection. In many instances, the articles discuss the possible impact of the decision on specific states:

Capital Doubts

Supreme Court mulls lethal injections as Christian support for the death penalty drops.
by Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra

Christianity Today

The U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments against Kentucky's lethal injection procedure in January, as attorneys for two death row inmates contended that when done incorrectly, the procedure—which involves three shots to numb, paralyze, and kill—can cause extreme pain to the prisoner.

Editorials - Lethal Injection

There Is No ‘Humane’ Execution

Lethal Injection and Physicians: State Law vs Medical Ethics

Journal of the American Medical Association
By Lee Black, JD, LLM and Robert M. Sade, MD

Articles - Lethal Injection

Un castigo cruel e injustificable

Editorial de El Nuevo Día


La despiadada crueldad de la pena capital se sintió con todo su injusto rigor en la persona del puertorriqueño Ángel Nieves Díaz la semana pasada en el estado de Florida.  

New York Times Article: Alternatives to Lethal Injection

From The New York Times (June 23, 2006)

Doctors See Way to Cut Suffering in Executions   By DENISE GRADY  

A flood of lawsuits challenging lethal injection as cruel and unusual has stalled executions in some states and may prompt others to