NEW RESOURCES: Recent Events in the Death Penalty

Posted on Jun 30, 2006

NEW RESOURCES: Recent Events in the Death Penalty

The Chicago Tribune Investigates the Execution of a Likely Innocent Man in
“Did this man die…for this man’s crime?”

In 1989, defendant Carlos DeLuna was executed in Texas for the fatal stabbing of Texas convenience store clerk Wanda Lopez. The three-part series by reporters Maurice Possley and Steve Mills can be found here.

A news piece on ABC’s “World News Tonight” also covered this story. Watch it here. (Requires Real Player. For other media versions including Quicktime, click here).

See also Innocence.

Missouri Executions Stayed

A federal District Court found many problems with the way executions are carried out in Missouri after reviewing their process. The Court halted executions and stated that the present procedures are not carried out consistently because there is no written protocol for administering the drugs for the executions. The court concluded that Missouri’s lethal injection procedure subjects condemned inmates to an unnecessary risk of pain and suffering. Among the changes recommended by the court is the use of anesthesiologists during lethal injections (More).

Read the District Court’s Order.

See the Statement of the President of the American Society of Anesthesiologists (June 30, 2006).

See also Methods of Execution.