NEW RESOURCES: New Death Sentencing Information for 2012

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(graphic: 50 other counties produced 1 death sentence each)

The Death Penalty Information Center is pleased to offer a new resource page on death sentences in 2012. Seventy-eight (78) people were sentenced to death in 2012, the second lowest number of sentences since the death penalty was reinstated in 1976. Of those sentenced, 3 were women; 49% were black; 40% were white. Four states (FL, CA, TX, and PA) were responsible for 65% of the death sentences, and only 9 counties produced over a third of the death sentences in the country. Information is provided on the name, race, state, and county for each defendant. A downloadable spreadsheet enables sorting by each of these categories. Click here for our Death Sentences in 2012 page.

(DPIC posted, January 11, 2013). Read DPIC’s 2012 Year End Report. For additional death sentencing information, see Sentencing. and Arbitrariness.