Upcoming Executions

Last updated on June 17, 2024

This page is updated each business day by 12 pm Eastern Time.

Please scroll over each state on the above map to see the number of active and inactive death warrants, as well as the number of executions.

For information on all known warrants this year, see the Outcome of Death Warrants in 2024 page.

Remaining Executions Scheduled for 2024

June 26TXRamiro Gonzales
June 27OKRichard Norman Rojem Jr.
July 16TXRuben Gutierrez
July 18ALKeith Edmund Gavin
August 7TXArthur Lee Burton
August 8UTTaberon Dave Honie
September 24TXTravis James Mullis
September 24MOMarcellus “Khaliifah” Williams
September 26ALAlan Eugene Miller

Total Executions Scheduled for 2025

January 22OHSean Carter
February 19OHStanley Adams
March 19OHShawn Grate — Legally premature — STAYED
April 16OHJohn Drummond
May 14OHJames Hanna
June 18OHPercy Hutton
July 30OHSamuel Moreland
September 24OHDouglas Coley
October 30OHTimothy Coleman

Total Executions Scheduled for 2026

January 7OHQuisi Bryan
January 11OHAntonio Franklin
March 12OHJames Trimble
April 16OHStanley L. Fitzpatrick
May 13OHCharles Lorraine
June 17OHGerald Hand
July 15OHCleveland Jackson
July 22OHDanny Lee Hill
August 19OHJames O’Neal
October 21OHJerome Henderson
November 18OHMelvin Bonnell

Total Executions Scheduled for 2027

July 14OHTimothy Hoffner
August 18OHJohn Stumpf
October 13OHLawrence Landrum
November 17OHSean Carter
December 15OHWarren Henness