Bud Welch, father of Julie Welch who was killed in the Oklahoma City Bombing, recently appeared on The Rachel Maddow Show, just a few days before the 15th anniversary of the bombing in Oklahoma. Welch, who is the president of Murder Victims’ Familes for Human Rights, has been a long-time opponent of the death penalty and has said that executions are more often “staged political events” instead of a part of the healing process for victims. When asked how he came to oppose the death pealty for Timothy McVeigh, Welch told Maddow, “I reached that point probably about a year after the bombing - close to a year. All my life, I had always opposed the death penalty. I just thought it was something that society should not be doing. And after Julie‘s death, I was so full of revenge and hate that I had to get retribution in some way. So I was for the death penalty probably for the first year. And after recognizing that killing Tim McVeigh was not part of my healing process, then I was able to move forward.” Read the full transcript of the interview here.

(The Interview, The Rachel Maddow Show, April 16, 2010). See also Victims.