The Capital Case Data Project of the American Judicature Society announced their count of 125 new death sentences in 2005, one less than in 2004. In addition, AJS counted 14 death sentences imposed through new sentence proceedings after appellate reversals. Those sentenced to death included 63 white defendants, 57 black defendants, and 15 Hispanics. The largest number of death sentences were imposed in California (19) and Florida (16). Texas had 14 death sentences, down considerably from 24 in 2004. The Bureau of Justice Statistics will release their data on death sentences in 2005 later this year. (BJS reported 125 new death sentences in 2004.) (U.S. Newswire, Press Release, American Judicature Society, March 27, 2006). For AJS summaries of all the cases, click here.

CORRECTION: DPIC had earlier reported an unofficial count of 106 death sentences in 2005 based on its own research. There was an error in the calculation for the first quarter of the year and it now appears that the correct count is that described above. We regret any inconvenience.