DPIC Year-End Reports


DPIC Year-End Reports

Dec 10, 2008

The Death Penalty in 2008: Year End Report

Executions resumed in 2008 after a de fac­to mora­to­ri­um was effec­tive­ly lift­ed by the Supreme Court fol­low­ing its deci­sion uphold­ing lethal injec­tion. But only the South returned to reg­u­lar exe­cu­tions, account­ing for 95% of exe­cu­tions car­ried out in the coun­try in 2008. The 115 sen­tences in 2007 was the low­est num­ber since the death penal­ty was…

DPIC Year-End Reports

Dec 17, 2007

The Death Penalty in 2007: Year End Report

New Jersey’s action fol­lows the removal of the last per­son from New York’s death row in 2007, the final step in remov­ing New York from the list of death penal­ty states, which now num­bers 36. New York’s high court over­turned the death penal­ty in 2004, and after pub­lic hear­ings, the leg­is­la­ture reject­ed attempts to restore the punishment.

DPIC Year-End Reports

Dec 15, 2005

The Death Penalty in 2005: Year End Report

The year 2005 may be remem­bered as the year that life with­out parole became an accept­able alter­na­tive to the death penal­ty in the U.S. The declin­ing use of the death penal­ty in 2005 extend­ed the steady drop in death sen­tences and in the size of the death row in recent years. The pro­jec­tion for 2005 is 96 death sen­tences (based on data from 3/​4 of…

DPIC Year-End Reports

Dec 15, 2004

The Death Penalty in 2004: Year End Report

Whether exam­in­ing death sen­tences, exe­cu­tions, the size of death row or pub­lic sup­port, cap­i­tal pun­ish­ment num­bers have dropped in a way not seen in over 30 years. In Texas, Houston‘s Police Chief, Harold Hurtt, called for a mora­to­ri­um on exe­cu­tions on cas­es from his coun­ty, where the police crime lab has been declared unre­li­able: I think it…