DPIC Year-End Reports


DPIC Year-End Reports

Dec 01, 1999

The Death Penalty in 1999: Year End Report

Such mis­takes in the appli­ca­tion of the death penal­ty have result­ed in pro­pos­als from state leg­is­la­tors, judges, and reli­gious and inter­na­tion­al lead­ers to impose a mora­to­ri­um on the death penal­ty. Legislation to reform or stop the death penal­ty pro­gressed fur­ther than at any time in recent years.

DPIC Year-End Reports

Dec 18, 1998

The Death Penalty in 1998: Year End Report

The num­ber of exe­cu­tions in 1998 declined slight­ly from the record num­ber in 1997. The num­ber of peo­ple on death row again moved to a record high and now stands at 3,517, though the Bureau of Justice Statistics report­ed a 19% drop in new death sen­tences in 1997.

DPIC Year-End Reports

Dec 17, 1996

The Death Penalty in 1996: Year End Report

The over­all pace of exe­cu­tions in the United States remained high in 1996 and the prospects for the future are for even greater num­bers of peo­ple put to death each year. This year, the five states with the largest death rows (California, Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania and Illinois) togeth­er were respon­si­ble for only 8 executions.

DPIC Year-End Reports

Dec 15, 1995

The Death Penalty in 1995: Year End Report

Contrary to the pop­u­lar mis­con­cep­tion that death row inmates are grant­ed end­less appeals,” there have been 313 exe­cu­tions since the death penal­ty was rein­stat­ed in 1976.