DPIC Year-End Reports


DPIC Year-End Reports

Dec 14, 2004

Death Penalty Numbers in 2004 Continue Five-Year Decline

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Brenda Bowser Tuesday, December 14, 2004 DEATH PENALTY NUMBERS IN 2004 CONTINUE DRAMATIC FIVE-YEAR DECLINE DPIC’s Year End Report Highlights Drops in Death Sentences, Executions, Death Row Population, and Public Support for Capital Punishment WASHINGTON, DC – A five-year decline in death sen­tences, a 40% drop in…

DPIC Year-End Reports

Dec 18, 2003

The Death Penalty in 2003: Year End Report

The death penal­ty con­tin­ued its recent attri­tion in 2003, with exe­cu­tions, death sen­tences, and the death row pop­u­la­tion all low­er than a few years ago. Public sup­port for the death penal­ty dropped to its low­est lev­el in 25 years. Executions are down 34% when com­pared to 98 exe­cu­tions in 1999.DEATH ROW: The size of death row is small­er than it was…

DPIC Year-End Reports

Dec 17, 2002

The Death Penalty in 2002: Year End Report

As in almost every year since the death penal­ty was rein­stat­ed in 1976, the South led the U.S. Texas car­ried out 33 exe­cu­tions this year, near­ly half of the coun­try’s total exe­cu­tions (71) and near­ly 5 times as many as Oklahoma, the next lead­ing state with 7. since the death penal­ty was rein­stat­ed, 13 (62%) have been in Texas.

DPIC Year-End Reports

Dec 12, 2001

The Death Penalty in 2001: Year End Report

Throughout 2001, grow­ing con­cerns about cap­i­tal pun­ish­ment were reflect­ed in a series of leg­isla­tive changes to restrict the death penal­ty, and exe­cu­tions declined sharply for the sec­ond straight year. For the first time since the death penal­ty was rein­stat­ed, the num­ber of peo­ple on death row also appears to be decreas­ing. A drop in the num­ber of…

DPIC Year-End Reports

Dec 19, 2000

The Death Penalty in 2000: Year End Report

A broad change in the way the American pub­lic views cap­i­tal pun­ish­ment was pre­cip­i­tat­ed by a steady sequence of eye-open­ing events, includ­ing releas­es from death row, reports on the unfair­ness of the process, and gov­ern­men­tal action to lim­it or halt the death penalty.