Execution List 2018

Date Number
Since 1976
State Name Age Race Victim Race Method Drug Protocol Years From
Sentence To
1/18/18 1466 TX Anthony Shore 55 White 1 Latina female Lethal Injection 1-drug (Pentobarbital) 12
1/30/18 1467 TX William Rayford 64 Black 1 Black female Lethal Injection 1-drug (Pentobarbital) 17
2/1/18 1468 TX John David Battaglia 62 White 2 White females Lethal Injection 1-drug (Pentobarbital) 16

The three-drug protocol typically begins with an anesthetic or sedative, followed by pancuronium bromide to paralyze the inmate and potassium chloride to stop the inmate's heart. The first drug used varies by state and is listed above for each execution.

ƒ female
* volunteer - an inmate who waived ordinary appeals that remained at the time of his or her execution
~ foreign national
¥ white defendant executed for murder of black victim

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