Executions in the U.S. in 1991

Execution Date Number since 1976 Name State Defendant/Victim Race Method
2/26/91 144. Lawrence Lee Buxton TX B/W Lethal Injection
4/24/91 145. Roy Allen Harich FL W/W Electrocution
5/23/91 146. Ignacio Cuevas TX L/2W Lethal Injection
6/17/91 147. Jerry Bird TX W/W Lethal Injection
6/25/91 148. Bobby Marion Francis FL B/B Electrocution
7/22/91 149. Andrew Lee Jones LA B/B Electrocution
7/24/91 150. Albert Clozza VA W/W Electrocution
8/22/91 151. Derick Lynn Peterson VA B/W Electrocution
8/23/91 152. Maurice Byrd MO B/4W Lethal Injection
9/06/91 153.¥ Donald Gaskins SC W/B Electrocution
9/19/91 154. James Russell TX B/W Lethal Injection
9/25/91 155. Warren McCleskey GA B/W Electrocution
10/18/91 156. Michael van McDougall NC W/W Lethal Injection
11/12/91 157. G.W. Green TX W/see #92 Lethal Injection
* volunteer
# juvenile at time of the crime
~foreign national
¥ white defendant executed for black victim

**Race of defendant information supplied by NAACP Legal Defense Fund "Death Row USA"

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