Execution List 2018

Twenty-five prisoners were executed in the United States in 2018. Eight states carried out executions.

Since 1976
StateNameAgeRaceVictim RaceMethodDrug ProtocolYears From
Sentence To
1/18/181466TXAnthony Shore55White1 Latina femaleLethal Injection1-drug (Pentobarbital)12
1/30/181467TXWilliam Rayford64Black1 Black femaleLethal Injection1-drug (Pentobarbital)17
2/1/181468TXJohn David Battaglia62White2 White femalesLethal Injection1-drug (Pentobarbital)16
2/22/181469FLEric Scott Branch47White1 White femaleLethal Injection3-drug (Etomidate)23
3/15/181470ALMichael Eggers*50White1 White femaleLethal Injection3-drug (Midazolam)15
3/15/181471GACarlton Michael Gary67Black3 White femalesLethal Injection1-drug (Pentobarbital)31
3/27/181472TXRosendo Rodriguez III38Latino1 White femaleLehtal Injection1-drug (Pentobarbital)9
4/19/181473ALWalter Leroy Moody83White1 White maleLethal Injection3 drug (Midazolam)22
4/25/181474TXErick Daniel Davila31Black2 Black femalesLethal Injection1-drug (Pentobarbital)9
5/4/181475GARobert Earl Butts, Jr.40Black1 Black maleLethal Injection1-drug (Pentobarbital)19
5/16/181476TXJuan Castillo37Latino1 Latino maleLethal Injection1-drug (Pentobarbital)12
6/27/181477TXDanny Bible66White1 White femaleLethal Injection1-drug (Pentobarbital)14
7/17/181478TXChristopher Young34Black1 South Asian maleLethal Injection1-drug (Pentobarbital)12
7/18/181479OHRobert Van Hook58White1 White maleLethal Injection3-drug (Midazolam)32
8/9/181480TNBilly Ray Irick59White1 White femaleLethal Injection3-drug (Midazolam)32
8/14/181481NECarey Dean Moore*60White2 White malesLethal Injection4-drug (Diazepam, Fentanyl)38
9/26/181482TXTroy Clark51White1 White FemaleLethal Injection1-drug (Pentobarbital)18
9/27/181483TXDaniel Acker46White1 White FemaleLethal Injection1-drug (Pentobarbital)17
10/29/181484SDRodney Berget*56White1 White MaleLethal Injection1-drug (Undisclosed, likely Pentobarbital)7
11/1/181485TNEdmund Zagorski63White2 White MalesElectrocution 34
11/14/181486TXRoberto Moreno Ramos~64Latino2 Latina Females, 1 Latino MaleLethal Injection1-drug (Undisclosed, likely Pentobarbital)25
12/4/181487TXJoseph Christopher Garcia47Latino1 White MaleLethal Injection1-drug (Pentobarbital)15
12/6/181488TNDavid Earl Miller61White1 White FemaleElectrocution 36
12/11/181489TXAlvin Avon Braziel Jr.43Black1 White MaleLethal Injection1-drug (Pentobarbital)17
12/13/181490FLJose Jimenez55Latino1 White FemaleLethal Injection3-drug (Etomidate)24

The three-drug protocol typically begins with an anesthetic or sedative, followed by pancuronium bromide to paralyze the inmate and potassium chloride to stop the inmate’s heart. The first drug used varies by state and is listed above for each execution.

ƒ female
* volunteer - an inmate who waived ordinary appeals that remained at the time of his or her execution
~ foreign national
¥ white defendant executed for murder of black victim