Execution List 2019

Last updated on December 11, 2019

Twenty-two prisoners were executed in the United States in 2019. Seven states carried out executions.

Since 1976
StateNameAgeRaceVictim RaceMethodDrug ProtocolYears From
Sentence To
1/30/191491TXRobert Jennings61Black1 Black maleLethal Injection1-drug (Pentobarbital)29
2/7/191492ALDomineque Ray42Black1 Black femaleLethal Injection3-drug (Midazolam)19
2/28/191493TXBillie Coble70White2 White males,
1 White female
Lethal Injection1-drug (Pentobarbital)28
4/24/191494TXJohn William King ¥44White1 Black maleLethal Injection1-drug (Pentobarbital)20
5/2/191495GAScotty Garnell Morrow52Black2 Black femalesLethal Injection1-drug (Pentobarbital)19
5/16/191496ALMichael Samra42White1 White male,
3 White females
Lethal Injection3-drug (Midazolam)21
5/16/191497TNDonnie Edward Johnson68White1 White femaleLethal Injection3-drug (Midazolam)34
5/23/191498FLBobby Joe Long65White1 White femaleLethal Injection3-drug (Etomidate)34
5/30/191499ALChristopher Price46White1 White maleLethal Injection3-drug (Midazolam)17
6/20/191500GAMarion Wilson42Black1 Black maleLethal Injection1-drug (Pentobarbital)21
8/15/191501TNStephen Michael West56White2 White femaleElectrocutionN/A32
8/21/191502TXLarry Swearingen48White1 White femaleLethal Injection1-drug (Pentobarbital)19
8/22/191503FLGary Ray Bowles57White1 White maleLethal Injection3-drug (Etomidate)23
9/4/191504TXBilly Crutsinger64White2 White femalesLethal Injection1-drug (Pentobarbital)16
9/10/191505TXMark Soliz37Latino1 White femaleLethal Injection1-drug (Pentobarbital)7
9/25/191506TXRobert Sparks45Black2 Black malesLethal Injection1-drug (Pentobarbital)10
10/01/191507MORussell Bucklew51White1 White maleLethal Injection1-drug (Pentobarbital)22
11/04/191508SDCharles Rhines63White1 White maleLethal Injection1-drug (Pentobarbital)16
11/06/191509TXJusten Hall*38White1 White femaleLethal Injection1-drug (Pentobarbital)14
11/13/191510GARay Cromartie52Black1 White maleLethal Injection1-drug (Pentobarbital)22
12/5/191511TNLee Hall Jr.53White1 White femaleElectrocutionN/A27
12/11/191512TXTravis Runnels46Black1 White maleLethal Injection1-drug (Pentobarbital)14

Most states carry out executions with a three-drug lethal-injection protocol. Others use a single drug. The three-drug protocol typically begins with an anesthetic or sedative, followed by a second drug to paralyze the inmate and a third drug—typically potassium chloride—to stop the prisoner’s heart. The first drug used varies by state and is listed above for each execution.

ƒ female
* volunteer - an inmate who waived ordinary appeals that remained at the time of his or her execution
~ foreign national
¥ white defendant executed for murder of black victim