Recent Death Sentences By Name, Race, County, And Year

2018 Death Sentences by Name, Race, and County

2018 Death Sentences by Name, Race, and County

43* new death sentences were imposed in the U.S. in 2018, the fourth-fewest number of new death sentences imposed in any year in the modern history of U.S. capital punishment, which dates back to 1972 when the Supreme Court declared the country’s death penalty laws unconstitutional in Furman v. Georgia.

Court rulings allowing impaired defendants to waive critical trial rights and death sentencing of individuals with obvious impairments raised concerns as to whether the sentences were reserved for “the worst of the worst” offenders or were being imposed upon the most vulnerable defendants in the most unreliable trial and sentencing proceedings.

Although capital sentencing decisions are supposed to reflect the conscience of the community, a disproportionate number of death sentences in 2018 were imposed without the unanimous agreement of death-penalty jurors that death was appropriate. One of every seven death sentences was imposed by a judge without a unanimous jury vote, and often after defendants were deemed to have waived crucial trial rights.

*NOTE: Updated on July 11, 2019 to reflect the discovery of a new death sentence in Nevada.

Defendants Sentenced to Death in 2018

First NameMiddleLast NameStateCountyRaceAge at CrimeNon-Unanimous / Judge Sentencing
Peter Capote AL Colbert W 22 10-2 jury vote
Derrick Dearman AL Mobile W 28
Benjamin Young AL Colbert W 28 11-1 jury vote
Scotty Gardner AR Faulkner W 55
Eric Allen Reid AR Garland W 55
Dwandarrius Robinson AZ Maricopa B 21
Allyn Smith AZ Maricopa B 30
Isauro Aguirre CA Los Angeles L 32
David Cruz Ponce CA Los Angeles L 28
Eric Patrick Jimenez CA Tulare L 27
Luis Enrique Monroy Bracamontes CA Sacramento L 38
Andrew Urdiales CA Orange W 21-31
Christopher Emory Cramer Federal Court: Texas Eastern District W 32
Ricky Allen Fackrell Federal Court: Texas Eastern District W 30
Peter Avsenew FL Broward W 26
James Colley FL St. Johns W 35
Daniel Craven FL Jackson W 25
Angel Santiago Gonzalez FL Union L 31
Benjamin Smiley FL Polk B 20
Donald James Smith FL Duval W 56
Michael Woodbury FL Okeechobee W 41
David Brown LA Lafourche W 34
Craig Wood MO Greene W 45 non-unanimous; judge-imposed
Tony Clark MS Madison B 34
Steven Wilbanks MS Lafayette W 22
Anthony Garcia NE Douglas L 34 Three-judge panel
Patrick Schroeder NE Johnson W 39 Three-judge panel
George Brinkman OH Cuyahoga W 45
Shawn Grate OH Ashland W 40
Lance Hundley OH Mahoning B 46
Christopher Whitaker OH Cuyahoga B 43
James Worley OH Fulton W 57
Dustin Melvin Davison OK Oklahoma


Paul Jackson Henry PA York W 40
Urshawn Miller TN Madison B 26
Dillion Compton TX Jones B 21
Jason Wade Delacerda TX Hardin


Isidro Delacruz TX Tom Green L 23
Ali Awas Mahmoud Irsan TX Harris O 54
Howard Wayne Lewis TX Walker B 45
Kristopher Love TX Dallas B 31
Gustavo Tijerina-Sandoval TX Willacy L 30

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