Federal Executions 1927-Present

Name Method Race Offense Age Date Place*
Aldermon, James Hanging Unk Murder Unk 08/17/27 FL
Panzram, Carl Hanging White Murder of Laundry Foreman 36 09/05/30 KS
Barrett, George Electrocution White Murder of N.B. Klein, FBI Man Unk 03/24/36 IN
Gooch, Arthur Hanging White Kidnapping 27 06/19/36 OK
Gardner, Earl Hanging Indian Murder (wife and infant son) 30 07/12/36 AZ
Chebatoria, Anthony Hanging White National bank robbery (killed) 39 07/08/38 MI
Seadlund, Henry Hanging White Kidnapping (Chas. Ross) 27 07/14/38 IL
Suhay, Robert Hanging White Murder (Agent Baker) 25 08/12/38 KS
Applegate, Glenn Hanging White Murder (Agent Baker) 34 08/12/38 KS
Dalhover, James Electrocution White Bank robbery and murder (Brady gang) 32 11/18/38 IN
Charles, Nelson Hanging Indian Murder (mother-in-law) 37 11/10/39 AK
**Haupt, Herbert Electrocution White Sabotage 22 08/08/42 DC
**Heinck, Heinrich Electrocution White Sabotage Unk 08/08/42 DC
**Keiling, Edward Electrocution White Sabotage Unk 08/08/42 DC
**Neubauer, Herman Electrocution White Sabotage Unk 08/08/42 DC
**Quirin, Richard Electrocution White Sabotage Unk 08/08/42 DC
**Thiel, Werner Electrocution White Sabotage Unk 08/08/42 DC
Arwood, Clyde Electrocution White Murder of federal employee 24 08/14/43 TN
Ruhl, Henry Gas chamber White Murder on a government reservation 36 04/27/45 WY
Nelson, Austin Hanging Black First degree murder of a merchant 28 03/01/48 AK
Watson, David Joseph Electrocution Black Murder on the high seas 23 09/15/48 FL
Shockley, Samuel Richard Gas chamber White Murder 36 12/03/48 CA
Thompson, Meran Edgar Gas chamber White First degree murder 31 12/03/48 CA
Ochoa, Carlos Romero Gas chamber White Murder 27 12/10/48 CA
LaMoore, Eugene Hanging Black First degree murder of a merchant Unk 04/14/50 AK
Rosenberg, Julius Electrocution White Espionage 35 06/19/53 NY
Rosenberg, Ethel (f) Electrocution White Espionage 37 06/19/53 NY
Hall, Carl Austin Gas chamber White Kidnapping and murder 34 12/18/53 MO
Heady, Bonnie Brown (f) Gas chamber White Murder 41 12/18/53 MO
Puff, Gerhard A. Electrocution White Murder of an FBI agent 39 08/12/54 NY
Brown, Arthur Ross Gas chamber White Kidnapping (victim not released unharmed) 30 02/24/56 MO
Krull, George Electrocution White Rape 34 08/21/57 GA
Krull, Michael Electrocution White Rape 32 08/21/57 GA
Feguer, Victor Hanging White Kidnapping 28 03/15/63 IA
McVeigh, Timothy Lethal Injection White Murder 33 6/11/01 IN (OK)
Garza, Juan Raul Lethal Injection Hispanic Murder 44 6/19/01 IN (TX)
Jones, Louis, Jr. Lethal Injection Black Murder 53 3/18/03 IN (TX)
Total: 37 executions

* Place refers to state where the prisoner committed the crime and was executed. In 1999, the federal Bureau of Prisons converted an old cell block in Terre Haute, Indiana, into a new facility for condemned federal prisoners. In 1995, the government established an execution chamber in Terre Haute. Since that time, all Federal executions have taken place in Indiana. For those prisoners executed after 1990, the state in parenthesis indicates the state where the crime was committed.

** Tried by a military commission appointed by President Roosevelt on July 8, 1942.

Source: General Services Administration, October 12, 1993 (with updates by DPIC).  For federal executions prior to 1927, see DPIC's Espy File page.

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