CategoryState Information
State AbbreviationTX
State NameTexas
Death Penalty?Yes
Number of Executions Since 1976561
Number of Executions before 1976755
Current Death Row Population228
Women on Death Row 6
Date Death Penalty Re-enacted12/31/1973
1st Execution After Re-enactment1982
Murder Rate (per 100,000)5
Is Life Without Parole an Option?Yes
Can a defendant get death for a felony in which s/he was not responsible for the murder?Yes
Number of Innocent Persons Freed From Death Row13
Number of Clemencies Granted3


How is the Sentence Determined?


Location of Death Row(s)Livingston (Women: Gatesville)
Clemency Process

Governor must have the Board of Pardons and Paroles recommendation for clemency.