Executions of Juveniles in the U.S. 1976-2005

In 1642, the Plymouth Colony in Massachusetts executed Thomas Graunger, making him the first juvenile offender put to death in the American colonies. Between then and the March 1, 2005 U.S. Supreme Court decision in Roper v. Simmons that ended juvenile executions in the U.S., 365 people confirmed to have been juveniles at the time of their offense were executed. That total constitutes 1.8% of the roughly 20,000 confirmed American executions since colonial times.

Twenty-two juvenile offenders were executed in the United States in the three decades between the Supreme Court decisions upholding the constitutionality of capital punishment in 1976 and the execution bar announced in Roper (see map, below). Those 22 executions comprised about 2% of the executions carried out in that time period. All but one occurred in the South and all were in the states that comprised the former confederacy.

DateFirst NameLast NameRaceAge at CrimeAge At DeathStateRace of VictimsExecution Method
09/11/1985CharlesRumbaughWhite1728Texas1 WhiteLethal Injection
01/10/1986JamesRoachWhite1725South Carolina2 WhiteElectrocution
05/15/1986JayPinkertonWhite1724Texas2 WhiteLethal Injection
05/18/1990DaltonPrejeanBlack1730Louisiana1 WhiteElectrocution
02/11/1992JohnnyGarrettWhite1728Texas1 WhiteLethal Injection
07/01/1993CurtisHarrisBlack1731Texas1 WhiteLethal Injection
07/28/1993FrederickLashleyBlack1729Missouri1 BlackLethal Injection
08/24/1993RubenCantuLatino1726Texas1 LatinoLethal Injection
12/07/1993ChristopherBurgerWhite1733Georgia1 WhiteElectrocution
04/22/1998JosephCannonWhite1738Texas1 WhiteLethal Injection
05/18/1998RobertCarterBlack1734Texas1 LatinoLethal Injection
10/14/1998DwayneWrightBlack1724Virginia1 BlackLethal Injection
02/04/1999SeanSellersWhite1629Oklahoma3 WhiteLethal Injection
01/10/2000DouglasThomasWhite1726Virginia2 WhiteLethal Injection
01/13/2000StevenRoachWhite1723Virginia1 WhiteLethal Injection
01/25/2000GlenMcGinnisBlack1727Texas1 WhiteLethal Injection
06/22/2000ShakaSankofaBlack1736Texas1 WhiteLethal Injection
10/22/2001GeraldMitchellBlack1733Texas1 WhiteLethal Injection
05/28/2002NapoleonBeazleyBlack1725Texas1 WhiteLethal Injection
08/08/2002T.J.JonesBlack1725Texas1 WhiteLethal Injection
08/28/2002TorontoPattersonBlack1724Texas3 BlackLethal Injection
04/03/2003ScottHainWhite1732Oklahoma2 WhiteLethal Injection