“Unrequited Innocence” with Rob Warden and John Seasly

Rob Warden and John Seasly speak with Anne Holsinger about their law review article and profile series, “Unrequited Innocence,” which examine death-penalty cases in which prisoners have not been exonerated, despite strong evidence of innocence. Warden, the Executive Director Emeritus of the Center on Wrongful Convictions and a co-founder of both the National Registry of Exonerations and Injustice Watch, and Seasly, a reporter at Injustice Watch, profiled 24 cases involving 25 defendants with “compelling evidence of innocence.” In the podcast, they discuss why they chose to focus on unredressed wrongful convictions, the patterns and themes that emerged in their research, and the remedies that they recommend. Warden and Seasly also address the pernicious impact of false jailhouse informant testimony, the error rate in death-penalty cases, and prosecutors’ use of coercive plea deals that permit innocent prisoners to gain their freedom but deny them exoneration and compensation for their years wrongfully incarcerated on death row.