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Law Reviews

Jul 16, 2014

LAW REVIEWS: The American Experiment with Capital Punishment

A recent law review arti­cle by Professors Carol and Jordan Steiker describes how the Supreme Court’s attempt to close­ly reg­u­late the death penal­ty has led instead to more unpre­dictabil­i­ty in its prac­tice, espe­cial­ly with execution…

Law Reviews

Apr 17, 2014

STUDIES: Predicting Erroneous Convictions”

A new study pub­lished by Professors Jon Gould (l.) of American University and Richard Leo of the University of San Francisco, along with oth­er researchers, exam­ined fac­tors that have con­tributed to wrong­ful con­vic­tions in crim­i­nal cas­es. The study…