Stays of Execution 2010

Last updated on  Dec. 28, 2010



Date of  Scheduled Execution  State  Inmate Reason for Stay


 8  SC  Quincy Allen  To allow time for more appeals.
1 NV Robert Lee McConnell To allow time to hear federal appeals
WY Dale Wayne Eaton To allow time to hear federal appeals
18 AL Robert Bryant Melson Pending outcome of a similar appeal in Florida
23 GA Melbert Ray Ford Jr. The Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles only has four of its required five members currently; execution stayed for at least 90 days. Ford was executed on June 9, 2010.
24 TX Hank Skinner Clerical error made by court in setting the execution date
9 FL David Johnston Florida Supreme Court issued a stay to hold a hearing to determine whether or not the defendant is mentally retarded.
9 OH Lawrence Reynolds Granted 7-day reprieve after being found unconscious in his cell. Reynolds was executed on March 16.
16 AR Jack Harold Jones Jr. To allow time to hear a challenge to the state's execution procedure.
16 PA Angel Diaz Diaz reversed his decision to waive his appeals
18 PA Richard Scott Baumhammers To allow time to hear federal appeals.
24 TX Hank Skinner The Supreme Court of the United States granted a stay to allow more time to hear Skinner's petition. Cert. was granted and case will be argued in Oct. 2010.
 8 OK  Richard Smith Granted clemency
12 AR Don William Davis Stayed in order to hear a challenge on whether the Legislature properly left execution policies in the hands of prison officials
22 PA Shonda Walter To allow time to prepare court filings
4 AR Stacey Eugene Johnson  Related to challenges to state's execution procedures
20 TX Richard Lee Tabler Granted stay to provide time to hear habeas petition.
24 AR Jack Harold Jones Jr. To allow time to hear a challenge to the state's execution procedure.
10 OH Richard Nields Granted clemency due to problems with trial testimony (Read more)
17 OK Jeffrey Matthews Execution rescheduled to July 20 to allow time for officials to review evidence; Update: Stayed further (until Aug. 17) to allow more time for review
30 TX Jonathan Green Stayed to review standards used to determine mental competence to be executed
16 NV Tamir Hamilton Stayed to allow more time for ordinary appeals.
17 PA James VanDivner Stayed to allow more time for appeals.
17 OK Jeffrey Matthews Stayed by federal court until Oct. 16 because state proposed to substitute one of the drugs used in lethal injection
18 PA Anthony Fletcher Stayed to allow more time for appeals.
19 PA Dennis Miller Stayed to allow more time for appeals.
24 PA Bryan Galvin Stayed to allow more time for appeals.
14 PA Anthony Dick Stayed to allow more time for appeals.
15 OH Kevin Keith Gov. Ted Strickland commuted his sentence to life without parole.
16 KY Gregory Wilson County circuit judge found that KY lethal injection protocol is inconsistent with state law and does not provide safeguards to prevent the execution of the intellectually disabled or criminally insane. (The Dayton Daily News, September 10, 2010).
21, 24 GA Brandon Rhode Stayed to conduct mental competency tests after a suicide attempt; rescheduled for Sept. 25; stayed a second time until Sept. 27.  Rhode was executed on Sept. 27.
28 TN Gaile Owens Governor Phil Bredesen commuted the sentence of Gaile Owens to life in prison based partly on a plea bargain offer that was later rescinded, and partly to make the sentence consistent with verdicts delivered in similar cases in Tennessee.  (The Tenneseean, July 14, 2010).
29 CA Albert Brown Gov. Schwartzenegger granted a one-day (up to 45 hrs.) reprieve from 12:01 AM on Sept. 29 until 9:00 PM on Sept. 30 to allow more time for appeals on the method of execution.  U.S. Dist. Ct. Judge Fogel stayed the execution further to allow time to review the state's new execution protocol and for the supply of a lethal injection drug to be renewed.  The state Supreme Court said that review of new execution protocols did not have to be completed before the state's supply of lethal injection drugs expired, thus further insuring a stay of executions until 2011.
14 TX Gayland Bradford Stayed by Justice Antonin Scalia to give Bradford's lawyers more time to file a full appeal on the constitutional issues surrounding his conviction and sentence based on claims that Bradford is mentally disabled.
16 OK Jeffrey Matthews Federal District Court judge cited the utter confusion on the part of the state in deciding which sedative drug to use as part of the lethal injection.  Matthews stay was continued until Nov. 20, at which time a new date might be set.
20 MO Roderick Nunley Federal District Court issued a stay to decide if Nunley was entitled to a jury for sentencing. State is appealing the stay.
26 AZ Jeffrey Landrigan Federal Judge stayed the execution to allow time to examine the source of the lethal injection drugs. The U.S. Supreme Court lifted the stay and Landrigan was executed on Oct. 26.
9 TN Stephen West Granted temporary stay through November 30 to address claims against Tennessee's lethal injection procedure. UPDATE: TN Sup. Ct. approved lethal injection procedure, allowing execution on Nov. 30.  UPDATE: TN Sup. Ct. stayed execution to allow attorneys time to respond to new lethal injection procedures.
16 OH Sidney Cornwell Granted clemency.
19 SC James Robertson Sayed to allow time to file petition of habeas corpus.
1 TX Steven Staley State District Judge Wayne Salvant stayed execution to allow time to determine mental competency for execution.
7 TN Billy Irick TN Sup. Ct. stayed execution to allow attorneys time to respond to new lethal injection procedures.


"Volunteer" refers to inmates who have voluntarily waived their normal appeals (not necessarily that they have volunteered for execution).

Pennsylvania routinely sets execution dates before all appeals have been exhausted.

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