Virginia — The House Health, Welfare, and Institutions Committee voted 13-9 on February 25 to approve a bill that would make the identity of any entity that provides execution drugs public information. SB 270 passed the Virginia Senate by a 22-18 vote on February 4. It can now be considered by the full House of Delegates.

Florida — The House Judiciary Committee voted 17-0 on February 26 to approve a bill granting $2.15 million in compensation to death-row exoneree Clifford Williams. Williams was wrongfully incarcerated for 43 years before being exonerated in 2019. HB 6507 and its companion bill, SB 28, have both been approved by committees in their respective houses.

Alabama — The Senate Judiciary Committee voted 4-3 on February 27 to approve a bill that would shorten the state appeals process by providing less appellate review. SB 200 would vest exclusive jurisdiction over state capital appeals in the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals and eliminate the currently existing discretionary review of the criminal court’s decisions by the Alabama Supreme Court. The bill would further attempt to expedite appellate decisions in capital cases by granting priority scheduling status to capital appeals.

Kentucky The Senate Judiciary Committee voted on February 27 to approve a bill that would prohibit the death penalty for defendants with severe mental illness. SB 154 passed the Judiciary Committee and advanced to the Rules Committee.

Washington The House Committee on Public Safety voted 7-3 on February 27 to approve a bill that would remove the death penalty from Washington’s laws, formalizing the 2018 judicial abolition of the death penalty. SB 5339 passed the full Senate in January and is now under consideration in the House.