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Jun 14, 2021

Capital Case Roundup — Death Penalty Court Decisions the Week of June 72021

NEWS (6/​9/​21) — Nebraska: A pan­el of three judges has sen­tenced Aubrey Trail to death for the 2017 killing of Sydney Loofe. In a state­ment to the court before the pan­el pro­nounced sen­tence, Trail admit­ted to the killing but said that his co-defen­dant, Bailey Boswell, who faces cap­i­tal sen­tenc­ing hear­ing lat­er this month, was not involved in the killing. Trail is the 12th per­son on Nebraska’s death row.


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Aug 17, 2023

Death-Sentenced Prisoner Aubrey Trail Waives Appeals and Petitions Nebraska for Execution Date Despite Unavailability of Lethal Injection Drugs

On August 8, 2023, death-sen­tenced pris­on­er Aubrey Trail peti­tioned the state to set his exe­cu­tion date. Currently, there are 10 oth­ers on death row in Nebraska, but the state does not pos­sess the nec­es­sary lethal injec­tion drugs for any exe­cu­tions. Nebraska has not exe­cut­ed any­one in more than five years. The last per­son exe­cut­ed was Carey Dean Moore in 2018 via lethal injec­tion. Mr. Trail con­fessed to the 2017 killing of Sydney Loofe and was sen­tenced to death by a three-judge pan­el in 2021. In a let­ter to the Lincoln Star…

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May 12, 2021

In Netherworld’ Between Law and Reality, Nebraska Prosecutors Continue Pursuit of Death Penalty

The leg­is­la­ture doesn’t want cap­i­tal pun­ish­ment, the exec­u­tive branch can’t obtain exe­cu­tion drugs, and Nebraska pros­e­cu­tors have moved for­ward this year with the pan­dem­ic-delayed cap­i­tal sen­tenc­ing tri­als of two defen­dants sep­a­rate­ly con­vict­ed of a mur­der out of a voyeuris­tic true-crime nov­el. The state, writes Associated Press reporter Grant Schulte in a May 9, 2021 analy­sis, is still wed­ded to the idea of exe­cut­ing pris­on­ers, just not the prac­ti­cal part of doing it” and appears caught in a law vs. real­i­ty netherworld.”

Apr 25, 2020

News Brief — Coronavirus Effects Continue to be Felt in Capital Prosecutions

NEWS (4/​24/​20) — California: The death penal­ty tri­al of Kori Muhammad for the killings of four peo­ple in two sep­a­rate inci­dents end­ed with­out advanc­ing to a penal­ty phase just two days after a Fresno County jury con­vict­ed him of one count of first-degree mur­der and three counts of sec­ond-degree mur­der. The tri­al had been inter­rupt­ed by coro­n­avirus court clo­sures, with guilt-phase jury delib­er­a­tions halt­ed for four weeks in March, then com­plet­ed on April 22.