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Sep 14, 2020

News Brief — Florida Judge Imposes Death Sentence on Granville Ritchie, Nation’s Third Death Sentence Since Pandemic

NEWS (9/​11/​20) — Florida: Nearly one year after a Hillsborough County jury rec­om­mend­ed that Granville Ritchie be sen­tenced to death for the rape and mur­der of a 9‑year-old girl, Judge Michelle Sisco for­mal­ly imposed the death penal­ty in the case. The death sen­tence is the 14th DPIC’s track­ing has ver­i­fied so far in 2020, more than a third of which have been imposed in Florida. It is the third death sen­tence DPIC is aware of that has been imposed since the coro­n­avirus pan­dem­ic shut down most court activ­i­ties in mid-March.