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Apr 12, 2024

John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight” Criticizes Execution Secrecy Laws and Sketchy” Procurement of Pentobarbital by Federal Government

During the April 7, 2024, episode of Last Week Tonight,” host John Oliver focused on grim devel­op­ments” in the death penal­ty since his last seg­ment cov­er­ing lethal injec­tion in 2019. Since then, 91 peo­ple have been exe­cut­ed, includ­ing 13 fed­er­al pris­on­ers dur­ing for­mer President Donald Trump’s admin­is­tra­tion. Our fed­er­al and state gov­ern­ments have con­tin­ued to pur­sue ques­tion­ably legal and def­i­nite­ly hor­ri­fy­ing ways, that, again, I would argue they shouldn’t be doing at all,” Mr. Oliver assert­ed. He explained that the increased dif­fi­cul­ty in obtain­ing drugs required for lethal injec­tion has…