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Apr 06, 2023

RESEARCH: Halting the Use of the Death Penalty Did Not Result in an Increase in Homicide Rates

Stephen Oliphant’s recent study on the death penalty’s effect on homi­cide rates pub­lished in Criminology & Public Policy found no evi­dence of a deter­rent effect attrib­ut­able to death penal­ty statutes.” Oliphant first dis­cuss­es deter­rence the­o­ry, which posits that pun­ish­ment, or the threat of pun­ish­ment, dis­cour­ages indi­vid­u­als from com­mit­ting crime,” and its role in cap­i­tal pun­ish­ment dis­course, where pro­po­nents of the death penal­ty have argued that the threat of the death penal­ty dis­cour­ages homi­cide, and that abo­li­tion (or a halt to the use of the death penal­ty) would lead to increased…