Florida Prisoners Sentenced to Death After Non-Unanimous Jury Recommendations, Whose Convictions Became Final After Ring

The following list includes known Florida death-sentenced prisoners who have non-unanimous jury recommendations and whose convictions became final post-Ring. The initial list was generated by Michael Radelet, Professor of Sociology at the University of Colorado-Boulder, and reported the status of the cases as of December 31, 2016. DPIC has updated the list to include case developments of which we are aware, updated through June 19, 2018.

DPIC has determined at least 154 prisoners on Florida's death-row meet these twin criteria, of whom at least 129 (or 83.77%) have already obtained relief — which means that they are entitled to resentencing. At least nineteen of the prisoners who obtained relief under Hurst have since been resentenced to life. According to the Florida Department of Corrections death-row roster, 347 prisoners remained on Florida's death row as of June 19, 2018. That list, however, includes people who are no longer sentenced to death because their death-sentences have been overturned as a result of Hurst and who have not yet been resentenced to either life without parole or death.

Please let us know if you are aware of additional Florida cases that should be included on the list below, or if the status of those on the list should be updated to reflect a new sentencing disposition (i.e., resentenced to life or resentenced to death).

Prisoner Name County of
Death Sentence
Resentencing Status
Abdool, Dane Orange Y  
Aguirre-Jarquin, Clemente Seminole    
Altersberger, Joshua Lee Highlands Y  
Anderson, Charles L. Broward Y  
Andres, Rafael Miami-Dade    
Armstrong, Lancelot Uriley Broward Y  
Ault, Howard Steven Broward Y  
Bailey, Robert Bay Y  
Baker, Cornelius Flagler Y  
Banks, Donald Duval Y  
Bargo, Michael Marion Y  
Barnhill, Arthur Seminole Y Resentenced to life
Belcher, James Duval Y  
Bevel, Thomas Duval Y  
Braddy, Harrel Miami-Dade Y  
Bradley, Brandon Lee Brevard Y  
Bright, Raymond Duval Y* Resentenced to death (12/8/17)
Brookins, Elijah Gadsden Y  
Brooks, Lamar Okaloosa Y  
Brown, Thomas Duval    
Buzia, John Seminole Y Resentenced to life
Calhoun, Johnny Holmes    
Calloway, Tavares David Miami-Dade Y  
Campbell, John William Citrus Y  
Cannon, Marvin Gadsden    
Caraballo, Victor Miami-Dade    
Card, James Bay Y  
Carr, Emilia Marion Y Resentenced to life
Carter, Pinkney Duval Y  
Caylor, Matthew Bay Y  
Cole, Tiffany Duval Y  
Conde, Rory E. Miami-Dade Y  
Cox, Allen Ward Lake Y  
Darling, Dolan a/k/a Sean Smith Orange Y  
Davis, Adam W. Hillsborough Y  
Davis, Barry T. Walton Y  
Dennis, Labrant Miami-Dade Y  
Deparvine, Williams James Hillsborough Y  
Deviney, Randall Duval Y Resentenced to death (12/11/17)
Diaz, Joel Lee Y Resentenced to life
Doorbal, Noel Miami-Dade Y  
Doty, Wayne Bradford Y  
Douglas, Luther Duval Y  
Dubose, Rasheem Duval Y  
Durousseau, Paul Duval Y  
Eaglin, Dwight T. Charlotte Y  
England, Richard Volusia Y  
Ellerbee, Terry Marvin Okeechobee    
Evans, Wydell Jody Brevard Y Resentenced to life; subsequently
died in custody
Evans, Paul H. Indian River Y  
Fletcher, Timothy W. Putnam    
Floyd, Maurice Lamar Putnam Y Resentenced to life
Frances, David Orange Y  
Francis, Carlton Palm Beach    
Franklin, Richard P. Columbia Y  
Glover, Dennis Duval Y  
Gonzalez, Leonard Escambia Y  
Gosciminski, Andrew St. Lucie    
Gregory, William Volusia Y Resentenced to life
Guzman, James Volusia Y  
Guzman, Victor Miami-Dade Y  
Hall, Donte Lake Y  
Hampton, John Pinellas Y  
Hayward, Steven St. Lucie Y  
Herard, James Broward    
Hernandez, Michael Santa Rosa Y  
Hernandez-Alberto, Pedro Hillsborough Y  
Hertz, Guerry Wakulla Y  
Heyne, Justin Brevard Y  
Hobart, Robert Santa Rosa Y Resentenced to life
Hodges, Willie James Escambia Y  
Hojan, Gerhard Broward Y  
Huggins, John Orange Y  
Hunter, Jerone Volusia Y  
Hurst, Timothy Escambia Y  
Israel, Connie Putnam Y Resentenced to life
Jackson, Kim Duval    
Jackson, Michael James Duval Y  
Jackson, Kenneth R. Hillsborough Y  
Jackson, Ray Volusia Y Resentenced to life
Jeffries, Kevin Bay Y Resentenced to life
Johnson, Paul Beasley Polk Y  
Johnson, Richard Allen St. Lucie Y  
Johnston, Ray Hillsborough Y  
Jordan, Joseph Volusia Y  
King, Cecil Duval Y  
Kirkman, Vahtiece Alfonso Brevard Y  
Kocaker, Genghis Pinellas Y  
Kopsho, William M. Marion Y  
Lawrence, Jonathan Santa Rosa    
Lebron, Jermaine Osceola Y Resentenced to life
Lebron, Joel Miami-Dade    
Looney, Jason Wakulla    
Lugo, Daniel Miami-Dade    
Martin, David James Clay Y  
Martin, Arthur Duval    
Matthews, Douglas Blaine Volusia    
McCoy, Richard (aka Jamil Rashid) Duval Y Resentenced to life
McCoy, Thomas Walton Y  
McGirth, Renaldo Devon Marion Y  
McKenzie, Norman St. Johns Y  
McLean, Derrick Orange Y  
McMillian, Justin Duval Y  
Merck, Jr., Troy Pinellas Y  
Miller, Lionel Michael Orange Y  
Morris, Dontae Hillsborough Y  
Mosley, John F. Duval Y  
Murray, Gerald Duval Y  
Nelson, Micah Polk Y  
Newberry, Rodney Duval Y  
Okafor, Bessman Orange Y  
Orme, Roderick Bay Y  
Pagan, Alex Broward Y  
Parker, J.B. Martin Y  
Partin, Phillup Alan Pasco Y  
Pasha, Khalid Hillsborough Y Resentenced to life
Patrick, Eric Broward Y  
Peterson, Robert Duval Y  
Peterson, Charles Pinellas    
Pham, Tai Seminole Y  
Phillips, Galante Duval Y  
Poole, Mark Polk Y  
Rigterink, Thomas William Polk Y  
Rimmer, Robert Broward Y  
Robards, Richard Pinellas Y Resentenced to life
Rodgers, Theodore Orange Y Resentenced to life
Schoenwetter, Randy Brevard Y  
Seibert, Michael Miami-Dade Y  
Serrano, Nelson Polk Y  
Sexton, John Pasco Y  
Sheppard, Billy Duval    
Silvia, William Seminole Y  
Simmons, Eric Lee Lake Y  
Simpson, Jason Duval    
Smith, Joseph Sarasota Y  
Smith, Stephen Charlotte Y  
Smith, Terry Duval    
Smith, Corey Miami-Dade Y  
Snelgrove, David B. Flagler Y  
Stewart, Kenneth Allen Hillsborough Y  
Taylor, John Calvin Clay Y  
Tisdale, Eriese St. Lucie    
Troy, John Sarasota Y Resentenced to life
Turner, James Daniel St. Johns Y  
Victorino, Troy Volusia Y  
Wade, Alan L. Duval Y  
Wheeler, Jason Lake Y  
White, Dwayne Seminole Y Resentenced to life
White, William Melvin Orange Y Resentenced to life
Wilcox, Darious Broward    
Williams, Donald Otis Lake Y  
Williams, Ronnie Broward Y  
Woodel, Thomas Polk Y  
Wright, Ralph Pinellas Y** Exonerated
Zommer, Todd Osceola Y  

* Bright's death sentence was overturned prior to the Hurst decision for ineffectiveness of penalty-phase counsel.
** The Florida Supreme Court found the evidence insufficient to convict Wright. Because it acquitted him of murder, the court did not need to address the Hurst violation in his case.

For more background on the Florida legislative and court actions related to the jury unanimity issue, see Hurst v. Florida Background

To track developments in Florida death-row appeals that have been decided in light of the state and federal Hurst decisions, see this chart