BOOKS: The Future of America's Death Penalty

'The Future of America's Death Penalty' book jacketThe Future of America's Death Penalty, edited by Charles S. Lanier, William J. Bowers, James R. Acker, is a new book comprised of original chapters authored by nationally distinguished scholars.  It is an ambitious effort to identify the most critical issues confronting the future of capital punishment in the United States and the steps that must be taken to gather and analyze the information that will be necessary for informed policy judgments. Contributors articulate the most pressing issues of administration, litigation, legislation, and executive action confronting the future of capital punishment, and identify research strategies designed to supply answers to those questions. 





Among the authors included in this work are David Baldus, Catherine Grosso, Hugo Bedau, John Blume, Sheri Lynn Johnson, William Bowers, Richard Dieter, Jeffrey Fagan, Valerie West, Deborah Fleischaker, Jonathan Gradess, Robert Johnson, Jon Sorensen, and Margaret Vandiver, with a Foreward by Ronald Tabak.

(The Future of America's Death Penalty: An Agenda for the Next Generation of Capital Punishment Research, edited by Charles S. Lanier, William J. Bowers, James R. Acker, Carolina Academic Press 2009).  See Books and Studies.