A new book by Dr. Mark D. Cunningham, “Evaluation for Capital Sentencing,” provides conceptual and practical perspectives on mitigation and violence risk assessment, as well as current scientific data regarding these issues. The book focuses on information critical to forensic mental health professionals who conduct evaluations in capital cases. Prof. Andrea Lyon, Director of the Center for Justice in Capital Cases in Chicago, said, “This book is an invaluable tool for mental health practitioners, mitigation specialists and attorneys. Written in an accessible style, it puts in one place everything a mental health professional would need to know about doing assessment - and teaches the science and law of mitigation while it is at it.” Dr. Cunningham is Board Certified in Clinical Psychology and in Forensic Psychology. The book is part of a series entitled “Best Practices in Forensic Mental Health Assessment” published by Oxford University Press.

(M. Cunningham, “Evaluation for Capital Sentencing,” Oxford University Press, 2010). See more Books on the Death Penalty.