The Michigan Committee Against Capital Punishment has published a collection of over 40 years of testimony, brochures, and other information by attorney and death-penalty expert Eugene Wanger. The collection begins with the resolution from Michigan’s 1962 constitutional convention banning capital punishment in the state. It includes Wanger’s testimony at numerous hearings opposing bills attempting to reinstate the death penalty, as well as brochures and short articles. The bound and boxed volume provides a comprehensive overview of the history of death-penalty legislation in Michigan. Through legislation in 1846, the state became first English-speaking government to abolish the death penalty for murder and lesser crimes.

(E. Wanger, editor, “Legislative Testimony Against Capital Punishment by Eugene G. Wanger, 1962-2005,” Michigan Committee Against Capital Punishment, 2013; DPIC posted Mar. 12, 2013). See Books and History of the Death Penalty.