DPIC RESOURCES: New Innocence Database

The Death Penalty Information Center is pleased to announce that our List of Those Exonerated from Death Row (1973-Present) is now available in a searchable, database format through our new Innocence Database. This resource allows users to search through the list of those freed from death row after their convictions were dismissed by name, year of exoneration, state from which they were released, the inmate’s race, and whether DNA evidence factored into their release. Lists of cases can also be sorted by each category. The database includes cases such as that of Kirk Bloodsworth (pictured), who was exonerated in Maryland in 1993 after being sentenced to death in 1984. He was the first death row inmate to be exonerated through DNA evidence. To read the conditions for a case to be included in this list, click DPIC’s criteria. Please contact us with any comments or questions regarding this new resource.

(DPIC, November 17, 2011). For links to some of DPIC’s other resources see our Special Resources page. Our Execution Database, State Information Database, and individual State Pages are available from tabs at the top of each web page. See also Innocence.