Slick, a new short dramatic film directed and produced by Michael Frediani, follows the story of a fictional Texas death row inmate on the night of his execution. Garrett Lee Taylor, the film’s protagonist, faces execution for murder, despite strong claims of innocence. The film is comprised of a series of flashbacks revealing events on the night of the crime. The flashbacks show how evidence seemed to place Taylor at the scene of the crime and led investigators to wrongfully conclude he was guilty of murder. The flashbacks also reveal the real killer. “Slick” shows the fallibility of investigations and human judgment, as well as the complicated nature of capital cases.

(“Slick: Justice is a Slippery Slope,” directed and produced by Michael Frediani, 2010). The producer expects the film to be available from in 2011. See DPIC’s Multimedia page for other audio and visual resources on the death penalty.