NEW RESOURCES: Bureau of Justice Statistics Releases "Capital Punishment, 2013"

On December 19, the Bureau of Justice Statistics released its annual statistical report on capital punishment in the United States, with information for 2013. It noted a continuing decline in the death row population and the number of executions. Highlights of the report include:

  • The death row population dropped to 2,979 inmates as of 12/31/13, with 60% held in just 5 states (California, Florida, Texas, Pennsylvania, and Alabama).
  • 2013 was the 13th consecutive year in which the population of death row decreased.
  • Only 52.2% of death row inmates completed high school. 13.1% have less than an 8th grade education, and 24.8% have a 9th-11th grade education.
  • 14.4% of death row inmates are Hispanic.
  • The average time from sentencing to execution of those executed in 2013 was 186 months, or 15.5 years.
  • 16% of people sentenced to death since 1973 have been executed. 6% died by causes other than execution. 38% were removed from death row because a court overturned their conviction, sentence, or the capital statute under which they were sentenced. 4.6% had their sentences commuted.

For information about the death penalty in 2014, see DPIC’s Year End Report.

(Bureau of Justice Statistics, “Capital Punishment 2013 - Statistical Tables,” December 19, 2014.) See Studies and Death Row.