NEW RESOURCES: Capital Punishment and the State of Criminal Justice 2014

The American Bar Association has released a new publication, The State of Criminal Justice 2014, examining major issues, trends and significant changes in America’s criminal justice system. The chapter devoted to capital punishment was written by Ronald Tabak, an attorney at Skadden Arps. Tabak presents evidence of the declining use of the death penalty in death sentences and executions, particularly noting the growing geographic isolation of the death penalty. He also highlights numerous studies and cases regarding innocence and racial bias. He concludes, “[I]t is vital that the legal profession and the public be better informed about what is really going on in the capital punishment system…. Ultimately, our society must decide whether to continue with a system that cannot survive any serious cost/benefit analysis.”

(R. Tabak, “Capital Punishment,” American Bar Association, in The State of Criminal Justice 2014 (forthcoming, 2014); DPIC posted June 13, 2014). See Studies and DPIC’s 2013 Year End Report.