NEW RESOURCES: DPIC Podcast Covers Legal Process

Have you ever wondered about how a death penalty trial is conducted or why the appeals take many years? The latest edition of the Death Penalty Information Center’s series of podcasts, DPIC on the Issues, may be helpful in answering those questions. This podcast addresses questions about the legal process in capital cases, including jury selection, sentencing, and appeals. In addition to covering the basic steps in a death penalty case, the podcast discusses issues such as the adequacy of representation and the length of time on death row. Click here to listen to this latest podcast. Generally, this series of 14 podcasts offers brief, informative discussions of key death penalty issues. Other recent episodes include discussions on Women and the Death Penalty and Mental Illness. You can subscribe through iTunes to receive automatic updates when new episodes are posted and receive access to all previous episodes. Other audio and video resources, along with all of DPIC’s podcasts, can be found on our Multimedia page.

DPIC’s podcasts may be useful for students researching this issue. Many of our podcasts are available on our iPhone App as well.

(DPIC, posted July 8, 2011). If you have suggestions for topics you would like to see addressed in future podcasts, contact us at [email protected]. See also Student Resources.