The Death Penalty Information Center’s High School Curriculum on the Death Penalty is now available for students and teachers as a free electronic textbook for use on the Apple iPad. This balanced and dynamic resource uses an issue of public concern to teach civic responsibility, research, and critical thinking. The e-textbook contains all the features of DPIC’s award-winning online curriculum, including summaries of arguments for and against the death penalty, case studies based on actual trials, summaries of the legal stages in a capital case, a brief history of the death penalty, color maps and interactive features. The e-book version incorporates the interactivity and user-friendly interface of a tablet, including touch-screen navigation, access to the full curriculum even when offline, and use of standard iBook features, such as instant word definitions and easy note-taking functions. For instructions on downloading the e-book, click here or go to the iBookstore on your iPad and search “Death Penalty Information Center.”

(DPIC Posted, September 5, 2012). See Educational Curricula and Student Resources.