NEW RESOURCES: DPIC's Latest Podcast Explores the Death Penalty in Japan

In the latest edition of the Death Penalty Information Center’s podcasts, Professor Michael H. Fox, director of the Japan Innocence and Death Penalty Research Center, discusses the current state of the death penalty in Japan. Prof. Fox compares public opinion on the death penalty in Japan and the U.S., explains some of the unique aspects of Japan’s criminal justice system, and discusses the prospects for change. Click here to listen to this latest podcast. You can listen to the podcast now or download it for future use. This podcast is the 19th in our series, DPIC on the Issues. See more below.

DPIC’s podcasts offer concise, informative discussions of important death penalty issues, suitable for educational purposes. Other recent episodes include a discussion of the intersection of international viewpoints and the American death penalty and a general podcast in Spanish. You can receive automatic updates through iTunes when new episodes are posted and receive access to all previous episodes. Other audio and video resources, along with all of DPIC’s podcasts, can be found on our Multimedia page. Many of our podcasts are also available on our iPhone or iPad App as well.

(DPIC Podcast #19: The Death Penalty in Japan, posted May 1, 2012). If you have suggestions for topics you would like to see addressed in future podcasts, contact us at [email protected]. See International.