A new radio program, Execution Watch, is providing live coverage and commentary on days that Texas executes a death row inmate. Each show will air live starting at 6 pm Central Daylight Time at http://www.kpft.org or http://executionwatch.org with a wide variety of special guests and host Ray Hill. The programming is available through the Internet. On its upcoming broadcast, the show will cover issues related to the case of Jeffrey Wood, who is scheduled to be executed on Aug. 21. Wood was convicted and sentenced to death under Texas’ “law of parties” even though he did not participate in the actual murder committed by an accomplice to the robbery. Listeners may find archives of past shows at http://executionwatch.org and find Texas’ execution schedule at www.tdcj.state.tx.us/stat/scheduledexecutions.htm. (source: producers of Execution Watch, posted Aug. 19, 2008). See New Resources and Multi-media.