NEW RESOURCES: Prison Magazine, The Angolite, Examines the Death Penalty in 2010

A recent edition of The Angolite, the nation’s largest prison news magazine, contains an article detailing national death penalty trends and developments. The piece highlights the emergence of several prominent conservatives who have voiced concerns with the current death penalty system, including Montana State Senator Roy Brown and conservative activist Richard Viguerie. The article is authored by John Corley and provides an in-depth look at the ongoing controversy about lethal injection procedures around the country, the high costs of maintaining the death penalty system, and the risks of wrongful executions. The Angolite is an award-winning bi-monthly prison news magazine produced by inmates at the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola.

(J. Corley, “Blood is Blood—Death Watch: The Year in Review 2010,” The Angolite, January/February 2011). Read more about The Angolite. See Lethal Injection, Cost, Arbitrariness, and Innocence.