NEW RESOURCES: The State of Criminal Justice 2011

The American Bar Association recently published The State of Criminal Justice 2011, an annual report that examines major issues, trends and significant changes in America’s criminal justice system. The publication serves as a valuable resource for academics, students, and policy-makes. The chapter devoted to capital punishment was written by Ronald Tabak, special counsel and pro bono coordinator at the law firm of Skadden Arps in New York. Tabak explores legislative changes in the states, the declining use of the death penalty, important Supreme Court decisions, and other issues such as the adequacy of representation in capital cases. In concluding, he writes, ” Ultimately, our society must decide whether to continue with a system that has been found in study after study to be far more expensive than the actual alternative - in which life without parole is the most serious punishment. This question has become substantially more important given the severe economic downturn in 2008-2011. In view of the lack of persuasive evidence of societal benefits from capital punishment, this is one ineffectual, wasteful government program whose elimination deserves serious consideration.”

(“The State of Criminal Justice 2011,” American Bar Association Criminal Justice Section, April 2011). The publication can be ordered at this link. See Studies and Recent Legislation.