The Death Penalty Information Center offers many resources to help you stay informed of current death penalty news. We have just released our second weekly video podcast, summarizing important development from the week’s news. A new video will be posted each Friday on our YouTube channel. You can also find these videos on our Facebook page, along with daily news updates and weekly infographics. Our Twitter and Google+ pages also link to daily news updates. If you prefer to receive a once-weekly update via email, you can sign up for our e-newsletter, which is sent out each Monday with the previous week’s news. In addition to these web resources, we also offer a mobile app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch for easy access to our Fact Sheet, Execution Database, audio podcasts, and other information. Our high school curriculum is newly available as a free iBook for the iPad with touch-screen navigation, access to the full curriculum even when offline, and use of standard iBook features, such as instant word definitions and easy note-taking functions.

DPIC Posted, October 22, 2012. See Multimedia.