NEW VOICES: Head County Prosecutor Advocates Ending Death Penalty in Ohio

Julia Bates has been the lead prosecutor in Lucas County, Ohio, since 1997. Although committed to following the law, she also believes it is time to repeal capital punishment in the state. She said death penalty cases are “torturous” for those involved, including judges, jurors, prosecutors, defense attorneys, and victims’ families, who are subjected to years of appeals. “It just seems there ought to be a better way,” Mrs. Bates said. Capital cases have sharply declined in Lucas County and in the state over the last few years. Only 9 individuals were indicted in the state for capital murder charges through July, compared to 159 indictments in 1983. There are no pending capital charges in all of Lucas County. One of the most significant factors contributing to this decline is the alternative sentence of life without parole, which became more available in 2005. Bates said her office is not avoiding death penalty prosecutions, but requires that “there should be no doubt about guilt. The guilt should be absolute. It should be unquestionable.” A task force appointed by the Chief Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court is considering changes to the death penalty law.

(J. Feehan, “Death penalty cases ebb in Lucas County and Ohio,” Toledo Blade, November 24, 2013). See New Voices and Life Without Parole.