In a report filed by the Kansas Judicial Council Death Penalty Advisory Committee, retired Kansas Supreme Court Justice Fred N. Six noted that capital punishment cases pose immense burdens on judges. He stated:

Always in the consciousness of that justice is the question, “do I have it right?” A wrong call is irreversible because “death is different.” The “do I have it right” question travels with you. You carry it with you during the workday, deliberations at case conference, your commute to and from work, before retiring at night, and on weekends. The question shadows you. However, normal shadows disappear at sundown, the “do I have it right” does not. You also carry a brief case filled with death case material home at night and on weekends. This brief case becomes your “constant companion” until the death case opinion is filed.

(Report of the Judicial Council Death Penalty Advisory Committee, January 29, 2004) See New Voices.